M.S. Hi-Tech. Inc. is a New York-based electronic component distributor founded in 1990. Our North American Industry Classification System Code (NAICS) is 423610. We provide electronic components to the Contract Electronic Manufacturing (CEM) and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) throughout the world electronics market. M.S. Hi-Tech. offers procurement and inventory management solutions to assist their customers throughout the global electronics supply chain. We offer innovative programs that can be customized and quickly implemented for a single project or across an enterprise.

M.S. Hi-Tech’s Core Philosophy

We understand the pressure that our buyers are under on a daily basis. They have deadlines they must meet for their internal customers and most of them manage hundreds of commodities. We take that responsibility very seriously and everything we do is with our customers goals in mind.

M.S. Hi-Tech views itself as an extension of their customers buying groups. This goal is ingrained and documented in the Company’s employee manual. To meet and exceed expectations, everyone in the M.S. Hi-Tech family must be technically savvy, highly focused and be able to balance meeting customer deadlines while procuring the most cost-effective solutions to meet budgetary requirements.


Exceeding ExpectaTions

M.S. Hi-Tech. boasts a 98% on-time delivery! The company is able to achieve this performance by its Personal Accountability philosophy. Everyone on the M.S. Hi-Tech team is responsible for meeting and exceeding deadlines. It is not uncommon for M.S. Hi-Tech employees to personally deliver products and exceed expectations.

M.S. Hi-Tech. trains their staff to have exceptional customer relationships. We always strive to meet the following:


  • Quality and excellence in regards to product and continued service
  • Do it right the FIRST TIME for all customer orders
  • 100% compliance of utilization of materials that conforms to the quality levels of customers

  • Offer competitive pricing without sacrificing quality
  • Offer alternatives which may be applicable to ensure a smooth transaction
  • Time sensitive orders are expedited efficiently and without unnecessary delays

Operational Excellence


To ensure procurement at maximum savings, the company utilizes Axiom EPDS, a system that tracks and provides real-time cost-comparison of all Jobs/Orders. The company’s buyers routinely review and conduct cost-comparison of repeat items to ensure that customers receive the most competitive prices. Axiom EPDS scans all manufacturers sources with alerts on downward trends of pricing. M.S. Hi-Tech follows a proactive approach to material costs and will alert customers if an opportunity exists to significantly reduce costs and come under budget for repetitive and like items.

Resource Utilization

M.S. Hi-Tech believes that reducing dependency on extraneous factors increases its ability to raise the level of service on a continuous basis. The company owns the building housing its corporate offices and warehouse. In addition, the company maintains its own delivery trucks which are used often to personally deliver critical components ahead of schedule. Communication and data analysis are essential to managing performance and M.S. Hi-Tech invested in computer systems that are designed for its industry.

Our Approach

All members of our team are cross-trained to ensure consistent technical knowledge. As an extension of its customers buying groups, team members are trained to anticipate questions and provide buyers with products that meet their specifications.

Customer Relations

We pride ourselves on maintaining a high level of personal interaction with our customers. You will not hear an auto-attendant when you call M.S. Hi-Tech. One of our team members always answers the phone. Everyone is accessible, including the President of the company. We pride ourselves on personal attention and we focus on the details of every transaction,  from the top down. The M.S. Hi-Tech team is cross-trained and everyone’s sole focus, is our customer and meeting and exceeding their needs. We understand that our typical customer has hundreds of commodities to manage. We are happy to take the burden off his/her shoulders.

A Proud Culture

C.A.R.E. Principal

Our culture is based on its C.A.R.E Platform and is at the core of its operations: Communications, Accountability, Reliability, and Exceeding expectations. These are the major criteria for employees performance evaluation.

Hiring the best in the business

“We don’t want employees who are looking for a job. We hire, train and develop individuals who are passionate about helping other people. That is what customer service is about. We are an extension of our customers buying groups and we take that very seriously. We have employees who love what they do and can’t wait to get to work everyday.” says Mr. Montenes, President. The company’s success is a result of a true team-culture that is based on collaboration among different departments and encourages creativity, innovation and positive and constructive criticism. No one is perfect, but together we are exceptional!

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