The C.A.R.E Culture

During his acceptance speech after receiving the SBA’s Sub-Contractor of the Year Award, Mike Montenes, President & CEO attributed the success of his team to two simple words: “We Care”. The word signifies a lot more than caring at this small business. Mike has built a business on four primary principals:

COMMUNICATIONS:  The lifeblood of every business is its ability to stay connected with its customer base. With advances in digital communications technology, it was very easy to hide behind auto-attendant voicemail system, but not at M.S. Hi-Tech. Calls are always answered by a team member, voicemail is not even installed.  “We are an extension of your procurement team. We may not be next door but we operate as though we are. ”

→  ACCOUNTABILITY: Is the invisible and permanent handshake between M.S. Hi-Tech and its customers. The handshake signifies accepting the responsibility to deliver results and meet expectations. It is recognizing that we were given the privilege to represent our customers’ internal clients and to not disappoint. Accountability is ownership especially when things don’t always go as planned.

→  RELIABILITY: The norm is going above and beyond. It is not just about returning calls or answering emails but more importantly the quality and reliability of the information. As an extension of a customer” procurement team, we acknowledge the responsibility to provide a comfort level that says “we’ve got your back”. When called upon and tested, reliability is an essential and critical ingredient in our corporate culture.

→  EXCEEDING EXPECTATIONS: If we just answered calls and delivered parts we would be like everyone else. Average does not win. When you apply our CARE principals day in and day out, the results consistently exceed what our customers expect or are used to by other suppliers. The last thing we want to be is like everyone else. We challenge ourselves continuously to raise the bar and it’s been going up for years and we’re still growing after twenty five years.