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M.S. Hi-Tech creates a new dealer relationship with ADI Global Distribution

Hauppauge, NY - M.S. Hi-Tech creates a new dealer relationship with ADI Global Distribution, one of North America's leading wholesale distributors of security and low voltage products with more than 60,000 installer contractors.


Automation & the Supply Chain Workforce: What’s the Real Challenge?

Today’s headlines about robots and jobs are enough to give anyone whiplash. From the NY Times to Forbes magazine, we’re told that robots are taking all the jobs and then, in the same breath, that robots will be the biggest job creators in history.


Consumers Ready to Support Made in America Moniker

Although American made products were once a staple of the electronics industry, in the more recent past China and other locations pulled ahead. In fact, off-shoring production was a major trend for a long time.


8 Attributes of an Agile Supply Chain Superhero

Especially for companies working to innovate, an agile supply chain can make all the difference. In any business, though, people, process, and products must align to make it happen—and every agile supply chain needs a superhero to lead and support the move


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