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Know the Science Behind Effective Packaging

Know the Science Behind Effective Packaging

Anyone has worked in the consumer product industry knows that a product’s packaging can be almost as important as the actual product itself. It may be even more true for the newest electronic devices and gadgets being introduced by electronics OEMs.

In addition to protecting the product from damage and external environmental factors during shipping and storage, the packaging must be attractive. It must lure and engage a potential consumer’s interest, convey important information that can convince a consumer to buy that product, and be distinctive enough to help consumers differentiate it from the other brands on the shelf. Packaging is the first thing a consumer notices when they see a product, so it needs to make the right impression.

And that is why a whole new packaging field of neurodesign has emerged. It involves cognitive neuroscientists and designers working hand in hand to understand how the human brain responds to different packaging designs. The goal is to use that information to design successful packaging that appeals to consumers on emotional, physical, and visual levels. For example, did you know that even changing a packaging’s tactile quality could influence a consumer’s perception of the product? The same product is rated as solid and reliable by consumers when it is packaged in a hard container instead of soft wrapping. Something to think about, isn’t it?

Poor and inadequate packaging can make a consumer think twice before taking out his credit card. And in the busy world that we live in, that’s all it takes to make a product soar high or tank miserably. If you are not convinced, check out this infographic from Direct Packaging Solutions that takes a quick look at the science behind the superb packaging. From recent innovations in packaging to the gross revenue from packaging services in UK over the last five years, it has tons of interesting facts and trivia to bring out the packaging enthusiast in you. Take a look.


— Hailey Lynne McKeefry, Editor in Chief, EBN