NSLS-II: One of the world’s most advanced synchrotrons – M.S. Hi-Tech a Critical Supplier

Photon Sciences at Brookhaven National Laboratory is entering an exciting new chapter with one of the newest and most advanced synchrotron facilities in the world. NSLS-II will enable the study of material properties and functions with nanoscale resolution and exquisite sensitivity by providing world-leading capabilities for X-ray imaging and high-resolution energy analysis.


This facility is open to users from academia and industry and it begins operations at a time when the world is entering a new era with a global economy fueled largely by scientific discoveries and technological innovations. NSLS-II provides the research tools needed to foster new discoveries and create breakthroughs in critical areas such as energy security, environment, and human health.

M.S. Hi-Tech – is a valued supplier to the laboratory. Assisting all departments in critical material needs and requirements, assisting with sourcing and procurement services for the following departments:

  • Energy & Photon Sciences
  • Center for Functional Nanomaterials
  • Chemistry
  • Condensed Matter Physics & Materials Science
  • National Synchrotron Light Source II
  • Sustainable Energy Technologies
  • Environment, Biology, Nuclear Science & Nonproliferation
  • Biology
  • Environmental and Climate Sciences Department
  • Nuclear Science and Technology
  • Nonproliferation and National Security
  • Nuclear & Particle Physics
  • Collider-Accelerator
  • Instrumentation
  • Physics
  • Superconducting Magnet
  • RIKEN BNL Research Center

M.S. Hi-Tech Team
Michael Montenes mmontenes@mshi-tech.com 631-979-0010
Rhonda Aiello rhondaa@mshi-tech.com 631-979-0010
Frank Petrone frank@mshi-tech.com 631-979-0010

About M.S. Hi-Tech: M.S. Hi-Tech is headquartered in Long Island, New York and has recently received the SBA’s Sub-Contractor of the Year Award. The company was founded in 1990 and specializes in electronic components distribution and MRO products, with such franchised lines as 3M, Krud Kutter, SAS Safety, Chemtex, Omron Relays, Curtis Industries, Noreast Transformers, Adam Tech and Leoch Batteries.