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Know the Science Behind Effective Packaging

Anyone has worked in the consumer product industry knows that a product’s packaging can be almost as important as the actual product itself. It may be even more true for the newest electronic devices and gadgets being introduced by electronics OEMs.


MS Hi-Tech, Inc. & PEI Genesis announce a strategic Small Business Alliance.

PEI-Genesis will provide MS Hi-Tech a strategic advantage in servicing and expanding their markets. PEI has been serving as a Master Distributor to many of the online electronic component distributors for over 20 years.


Now We Know Why All Those Galaxy Note 7s Exploded

It proves that safety is one of the most important elements of good design. If you've flown at all in recent months, you've likely heard the warnings—don't bring a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 on board, since it might spontaneously combust.


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